Our History

Late in the year of 1971 in anticipation of civil service status, the staff from the departments Patrol, Civil and Corrections divisions gathered to form a collective bargaining unit to provide representation and benefit to employees, this action resulted in the founding of the Rockland County Sheriff’s Deputies Association, which was eventually recognized as the official labor relations unit for all sworn sheriff’s department personnel.

Several Lean years followed as officers of the association strived to bring the fledgling organization on par with local Police labor units. The Fraternal Order of Police provided legal representation for contractual negotiations and small gains were realized. The negotiation process soon revealed that one unit comprised of three divisions all having vastly different employment descriptions and requirements could not successfully negotiate a contract that would satisfy the need of all members. It was mutually agreed that the corrections division would decertify from the association and form their own unit that could more effectively address the correctional needs.

Civil service status for all Sheriff’s department personnel was legislated in 1973 and immediately thereafter the Rockland County Sheriff’s Deputies association petitioned for acceptance as Police Officers into the Rockland County Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, the alliance was completed thus beginning a new era in the associations history. A plaque containing the names of the Rockland County Sheriff’s Deputies Association’s executive officers through the years has been placed upon the wall in the Patrol division’s spaces.

-Chief Harry A. Stewart

Past Presidents and Vice Presidents

Past Presidents and Vice Presidents
Year President First Vice President Second Vice President
1972 Stanley Greenberg Harold Burton -
1973 Harold Burton Peter Seymour -
1974 Peter Seymour Frank Sinopoli -
1975 Frank Sinopoli Gerald Depaolis -
1976 - 1977 Frank Sinopoli Clark Hill -
1977 Clark Hill John Ligouri -
1978 John Ligouri Joseph Neu -
1979 - 1980 Larry Leavy Joseph Neu -
1981 Frank Sinopoli Clark Hill -
1982 John Bugbee Kerry Fortes -
1983 Kerry Fortes Gary Tortorello -
1984 Gary Tortorello Dennis Thornton -
1984 Gary Tortorello Louis Falco -
1985 Gary Tortorello Robert Moorefield -
1986 Gary Tortorello Robert Moorefield -
1986 - 1987 Louis Falco Mary Caffrey -
1988 Gary Tortorello Robert Moorefield -
1989 -1991 Gary Tortorello Robert Moorefield Louis Falco
1991 Gary Tortorello Jeff Comparetto Louis Falco
1992 Gary Tortorello Jeff Comparetto Mary Caffrey
1993 Gary Tortorello Louis Falco Mary Barbera
1994 Louis Falco Thomas Flood Matthew J. Mccune
1995 Louis Falco Matthew J. Mccune -
1996 - 1998 Louis Falco Matthew J. Mccune John Criscione
1999 - 2000 Matthew J. Mccune Michael Hynes John Criscione
2001 - 2002 Matthew J. Mccune John Foody Jim Davis
2003 - 2004 Antoine Decolyse John Schnitker Ted Brovarski
2005 - 2006 Antoine Decolyse Ted Brovarski John Antonucci
2007 - 2008 Ted Brovarski Brian Welikson John Antonucci
2009 - 2012 Ted Brovarski Brian Welikson John Squillini
2013 - 2014 Todd Farmer Charles Lowther Omar Munoz
2015-2016 Charles Lowther Omar Munoz John Squillini
2016-2018 Omar Munoz John Squillini  
2019- Charles Lowther Christopher Finch Matthe Myers